Saying Pictures: October 2013

Take what you need love hope faith courage

Forget what hurt you but never forget

I broke all the rules and i broke them all just for you

Do all things with love

I d rather hear a guy say i made plans or us instead

You hate me but you dont know me how cute

Fuck that dont be the girl who needs a man.

Every thing happens for a reason

I miss you a little too much a little too often

My taste in music ranges from you need listen

I lost all my faith in humanity when i read

I love you because i know you are always there,

When the wrong people leave your life the right

No matter how strong a girl is she has a weak point.

People say we cannot live without love

I am who i am i m pretty normal i’m not perfect. i run into things,

Overthinking does kill your happiness

Live simply dream big be grateful give love laugh lots

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you

I think everyone meets that person in their life

I only want 3 things see you hug you kiss you.

Saying the exact same thing at the same time

Just remember when you think all is lost the future remains

The truth to life is nobody will love you more

I eat cake because it’s somebodys birthday somewhere

That awkward moment when two of your friends

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and focus

That awkward moment when you sing the song

I just wanna be with you thats all

i will kiss you like kissing you is all i can do

The moment when you and your best friend look

okay i admit it i miss him so freakin much

Those friends who can make you laugh when you

Stay strong

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